Invocation of the Watery Monad Spermatazoon

In a conversation about the Airy Monad Spermatozoon working Bob Metro commented:

“The Master Aquarius says, that specific guide lines should be followed in the invocation of the monadic essence. This is dictated by your Sun sign. An Aries operator must invoke the fiery monad spermatazoon. Tying them all may be confusing. Once you decide on the specifics in the progressive development of the occultum, esotericum and the magicum, remember it by heart.”

He’s right you know.
Having worked with those that don’t correspond to my Sun sign of ( Expletive deleted) have caused a considerable amount of what I’ll call static. I’m beginning to understand that in these rituals are not the Monad Invocations that Bertiaux describes. Rather they are an exploration into the nature of the Monad Spermatozoon. In fact these experiments have begun feel like  deepening of work with the Crosses from year one.  I hope these experiments serve field map for those interested in the deeper and more personal work found within the Monastery papers. Mind you, map this may be but maps are often not the territory.

I performed the rituals in the same manner as the previous invocations. Each performance of the ritual took place in the evening, usually between 22:30 and 23:00.

Tool used:
Candles (black, red,green,blue,yellow)

Carrefour Tarot

Spirit Windows (Ogou-Fer Image)
FA Cards
Magical Square (Airy Monad Spermatozoon)

I performed the Ritual in a similar fashion to the the Cross Rituals. 

Following Bertiaux’s instructions I vibrated the names of the various Daemons, Aeons, Syzygies, Negative and positive poles. Will initially unsure of pronunciation of the various entities little bit of research into the classic Greek help. In total completing the entirety of the invocations took several minutes considerable amount of effort. However this vibratory approach, a classic occult tool , what was instrumental in achieving the proper head space at Sacred Space before miss work with a sense of gravity.

After the verbal invocation focus shifted to sitting in a calm quiet space and listened. A note pad and pen was handy to record.

After Attempts to perform the ritual in normal fashion failed to produce results.  Same Static and fatigue as before. I shifted focused towards a simpler invocation. These simplified rituals produced intense dreams.  They were scattered images with little cohesive story.


Performed as before.

“The waters of the mind must be crossed. From sunset to sunrise the machine works condensing into form. The clay is shaped but not dry, the emotional forge sets the foundation.  Emotion fuels the spirit  as it rides on the boat of a million years. Tides may ebb and flow but the cycle remains the same.  ”


Performed as before.

” There is a dog in the heart of us all.  Howling at the moon, calling o the sky. The cry of the dog is a call to a distant one. A longing for a missing love. Patiently it waits, brimming with emotion eager to reunite. Hungry for companionship, to reform the union. ”


Performed the ritual as usual.  I experienced a creeping internal silence. This wasn’t a pleasant calm, more like the stillness of a tomb.  It was very eerie. Throughout the remainder of the ritual there was this silence. I felt between, what I don’t know, but I could feel an odd sense of timelessness and spacelessness. I listened for something and heard nothing.  Soon my head filled with thoughts. My own internal voice started to babble tying to fill the silence.  It became a torrent of words. In trying to exert control over this torrent I only added to it.  Rather than fight, I followed these voices and let each thought run its course.  I explored each branch of thought until the matter was settled or dismissed for being illogical or useless.  Eventually the quiet returned  and  warm feeling of joy filled me.


The Waters of the West are the opposite of the Fires of the East. Crossing this gulf between Fire and Water has been the reward for the labor in these experiments.  Work with the Western Cross involved diving into the waters of the unconscious. Where the Eastern cross represent unity with the Godhead,  these dark waters are a more isolated an personal affair.  During these experiments a great deal of Kemetic symbolism.  These dark water are the rivers of the Duat , the waters sailed by the dead Sun God.  Ra traveled from west to east during the night. Ra, on the Boat of Millions of Years makes a shaman’s journey across the abyss between West and East,  Accompanied by the deities  Sia (perception) and Hu  (command), as well as Heka (magic power).  These are the tools  one will need to cross this abyss.

Furthermore the magician must accept his own darkness, his internal Set. Set, often a chaotic and adversarial deity in Kemeticism fulfills an important duty in Ra’s nightly ride. Set, the strongest of the Netjer is required to slay Apep, the serpent of Chaos who dwell in the dark water.  To put this experience into context with Esoteric Voudon ;

If one takes the Northern Cross to represent an initiation through death, the magician like Ra has died and entered the underworld ( The Egyptian Duat). Here the magician must enter into the darkness of their own unconsciousness. The magician’s goal in swimming the depths of consciousness is to develop a state of alert awareness of their own selves. One must observe everything that goes on internally and master their demons. This will require the force of Ogou-Fer and the love of Erzuile. Having dove into his conscious/unconscious has found his demons and mastered them. While he has not destroyed them, being parts of himself, he has mastered them. The force of Ogou-Fer has given him the strength and the love (gnosis) of Eruzile has girded him in the armor of wisdom.

Allowing the Boat to cross and the magician to be reborn  as the Rising Sun, having faced death  triumph in magician rises as Osiris/Legbha.

Failure to cross these waters, falling victim to the many threats of the Self (Apep) the Magician succumbs to his own terrestrial Ego.  He is consumed by he self and his Self drowns in the waters.





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