Reflections On the Formula of the Opposer.

A few years ago I performed Chumbley’s  the Formula of the Opposer. I consider it a turning point in my occult work. Over the intervening years I’ve returned to this ritual and it’s impact on my work. Now, in Year 2 of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, I continue to see its impact and potency. In working the Formula of the Opposser, I  woke something. Something that has coalesced into an almost palatable sense of wonder and “what the fuck”.

It’s an impetus for incredible things. The crack of the driver’s whip urging me forward.


As the Dragon doth coil about the Infinite,
and the Wheel of Heaven doth turn upon its Heart,
so let All revolve upon this Point.

As the Circle doth turn through the Seasons of Change,
so now do I turn, as the Axis of Fate,
to manifest the Word of mine own Self-Overcoming:

In the Day of mine Offering there is No-one and No-thing
whom I will not sacrifice.

In the Day of my Becoming there is No-one and No-thing
whom I will not transcend.

In the Day of mine Oath there is No-one and No-thing
whom I will not forswear.

For I am the Transgressor of Void Eternal
Azal – Abad
In whom all is opposition.

I am the Bridge across the Abyss that hath but a single edge.
My Way is Lightning – bright and swift.

These Words are but the echo that marketh mine Absence.

Silence – the Birth-cry to herald the Presence:
Of Otherness Entire
made Flesh.

Andrew Chumbley, from Qutub


The Opposer. The shadow. The other. The trangressor.  Violater.

Facing the shadow isn’t an act of combat. It isn’t an act of denial.  It is an act of sexual congress, a sexual act that unites the two disparate halves of  singular entity. My shadow is me, like Sparrowhawk I’ve summoned for a dark shadow from within myself. Denying or fighting this shadow will only end in my own destruction. Rather is it best to face it, alone and embrace the the shadow. Love it, and in congress with it absorb it into who and what I am. A chemical and sexual unification.

And what do you get when you make crazy space magic love to your own dark side?

You get what Boullon called the Union of Life.  You get a fresh outlook on reality and the state of being.You realize your part of the Body of God and that all action and being is in reality one being. All life is part of the body of God.  We’re all one, separated by  perception and time.  You realize that you’re becoming something more than you were and while becoming something less.

Essentially I’ve found that the purpose of the Monastery and Esoteric Voudon to a lesser extent as a vehicle of change. The spirits make a home in us  by carving out the negative aspects. The void they leave is filled with spirit. We become like Christ, a being both profane and divine. A god man who transcends the physical, temporal shamans able to transcend and transmigrate beyond our current forms.  Leapers between the threads of reality, able to bridge the gap between being and experience.

As the Spirits remove our flaws we become more like them.

Kyle Fite is right…..We’re becoming Hoodoo.

Fully interactive spirit infused space time magicians with Hoodoo Tech and Kung Fu grip.

Hoodoo tech?

You get the secret Hoodoo Science keys to the shadowverse.

Sweet Jesus what does this mean?

Well,  that’s what this whole thing is really about. The  VGW and the M7R are a massive toolbox for soul growth. A collection of ways and means to reach beyond the finite now.   With these techniques  we can drill down inside and find that an ancient awareness. We bury it deep within ourselves terrified at the primordial nature it represents.We cut ourselves off from the deep waters of Spirit.

We flop around on land. Separate from the waters we need.

It’s a kind of living.

We struggle to create something lasting and potent, seeing the physical as corrupt. We look up at the night sky and create Gods who look down on us. The Gods aren’t snarling down on us. Rather they live among us, reminding us that we’re capable of creating works of great beauty. This interaction is the very stuff of Sexual magic.  Dress it up with occult trappings all you want no amount of candle lighting, arm waving, and fancy dress is going to make it anymore or less magical.  What counts is that the Gods recognize our efforts and delight in them. They want to remind us that this kind of magic is within our grasp.





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