Syzygy Experiments: Invocation of the Eastern Cross


Entering the Eastern Cross brings us to the world of Spirit. If the Creole Kabballah is like the traditional one fire is the world of the absolute God. This is the heaven that various faiths reference. Far removed from the terrestrial world of the Northern Cross, the world of fire is a pure land that supersedes the mortal. This is a place of consciousness in a pure state.Fire, as an elemental force has been very present in my life.

I’ve been experiencing a feeling of being over full of energy. Like a permanent caffeine high. I’ve been rather driven and almost obsessive in producing creative output. I’m reminded of the tongues of fire in reference to the fullness of God. I feel very full, bursting at the seams with this almost manic energy. This energy feel centered on the heart ( one can imagine the fun that a sudden feeling of pressure on the heart would be). I can only express it through the act of creation, through magical work, or through acts of love.

This mystical union and creation feels almost sexual. It feels internal, intimate. Fueled by the divine love that pours out from this union.  Perhaps this love is the reason Bertiaux describes magicians as bisexual, their willingness to engage in spiritual congress with male and female deities. Through this dual natured sexuality the Voudon Gnostic magician transcends the boundaries of the physical while remaining rooted in the physical. We can feed our earthly hungers while building ourselves Spiritually.

Understanding what these energies were was a big step forward however I now felt that I needed to access these energies as directly as possible.   I constructed a simple ritual.  Creating a physical Eastern Cross of Light with the appropriate cards from the Carrefour Tarot, homemade FA cards, and The Damballah image from Spirit Windows.

I set myself down in the center of this cross and vibrated the name of the corresponding Syzygy, starting in the North and working my way around to the East.  While vibrating the name I visualized  the FA. When I got to the center I recited the following prayer:

“Holy Spirits of the Eastern Cross of Light,
I call to the master of the Eastern Cross, whose name is DAMBALLAH!
Hail DAMBALLAH, please open the cross of light and bade me enter.”

I then sat in meditation,in turn  focusing on each direction. I personified the images in the tarot cards and addressed them by their Names and titles asking for access to and understanding of the energies they represent. Below is an image of the specific direction with the cards and the impression I received of the “flavor” of the direction themselves.


The Eastern cross opened and before me there was everything.  An ever present everything. United in pure light. Out of this crucible of ideas an identity emerged, coils strung throughout the fire.
Damballah, the Cosmic Serpent. Fire, light, unity with the source embodied and personfied.



Initiate of the Eastern Cross:
Kether is in Malkuth as Malkuth is in Kether. The Earthly fires of creation. The Initiate steps across the threshold and is consumed by the flames of Spirit. Here he comes face to face with the Cosmic Serpent God, the Absolute. DAMBALLH master of the mysteries two fold mysteries of death and rebirth,sexuality and joy.   The Initiate must look within for the impetus of change. While divinity is typically seen as “top down” it is more accurately describe as inside out.

Servant of the Eastern Cross:

As the magician transforms from the Initiate into the server he becomes aware of the all encompassing nature of spirit. Like a fire, consuming all before it, the servant subsume himself in the fires of Damballah. Where Ogou-Fer encouraged the servant to understand themselves and the world around them Damballah lets the servant know that there is no internal or external, merely a profound compassion for creation. The will of Damballah is compassion, as the “ All flowers, all animals, all men, these my children I love, and I will carry them away to be with me at the end of the ages, for these infants belong to Damballah.”

Priest of the Eastern cross:

Here in the East, as with the other three crosses, the “priest” represents the initiate realizing that the elemental energies of the cross are manifest. Here, the initiate having died and become transfigured by the energies of the cross awakens to the quest itself. The path becomes clear and the real journey begins. The Priest’s search is one of love, eager for unification with divine. Rather than pine away for the approaching lover in the Song of Song’s the Priest leaves the finery and gilded halls and enters the world in search of their love.

The path becomes clear.

The bridge becomes stable.

The Way is open.

The Priest of the East can see the light in the distance, hear the song in his heart, and feels a burning desire for unification. This state of consciousness the path leads to the Enlightenment of Damballah, embracing all existence as part of the gift of life. That all things are linked, unified, as the light of Damballah.

Hierophant of the Eastern cross:

Here in the Hierophant of the East the state of consciousness is beyond words. In the realm of fire of fire there is only light. Only oneness with the source, perfect unity with the Divine Mind. There is no separation, only unity. In thinking back upon this state I’m reminded of the adage, Malkuth is in Kether, as Kether is in Malkuth. This energy is not interested in creation, rather it is the elemental force behind creation. The force that drives creation, the fire in the head of a visionary. My mind feels liberate and free, lit with the divine spark.

The elemental association of fire and fire here represents a unification. Here in the fire of fire there is only unity and oneness. The Divine is ever present and pervasive in all things. There is no separation, Damballah isn’t present in all things, Damballah IS all things. We’re in the coils of the Cosmic serpent.

In invoking the Eastern Cross, I was met with a wash of light. Entering into the arms of the cross I was overcome with love. There are no words to describe what I felt. Only light, all encompassing light. Tapping into this light released potent energy that coursed throughout me. I felt plugged into something very large and dense.  My cup overflowed with light.  I felt a worry in the back of my head, like a thirsty man struggle to capture every drop of water. A voice, which upon reflection was from a foggy memory, spoke:

“You’ve received this gift before. As you remember your vessel will fill. Don’t fret over droplets. Enjoy the rain.”

I returned to my senses and listened to the storm outside.

I felt complete.

This marks the end of my work with Year One.




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