Syzygy Experiments: Invocation of the Southern Cross of Light.

Over the last week I’ve been working with Loso Medji. Oddly enough I’ve not experienced any dreams this week and in fact it felt like the spirits had gone silent for several days. Perhaps I’ve been distracted by the end of summer and the return to school. I’ve been busy with new classes and responsibilities for the upcoming school year.

As before the goal was to access these energies as directly as possible.   I constructed a simple ritual.  Creating a physical Southern Cross of Light with the appropriate cards from the Carrefour Tarot, homemade FA cards, and The Simbi image from Spirit Windows. Sitting down in the center of the cross and vibrated the name of the corresponding Syzygy, starting in the North and working my way around to the East. While vibrating the name I visualized the FA. When I got to the center I recited the following prayer:

“Holy Spirits of the Southern Cross of Light,
I call to the master of the Southern Cross, whose name is Simbi!
Hail Simbi, please open the cross of light and bade me enter.”

I then sat in silent meditation using the visual cues of the cards and FA to open a channel

I suddenly  felt like I was in a forest listening to life teeming around me. Perhaps it is my The warm sun on my face was a glorious feeling and I felt golden.  In the natural world around me I could see the signs and actions of the Lwa. This natural world was vibrant world I felt so disconnected from.  Here was a world of mind, a swarm of multiple intelligences all forming a larger gestalt mind.

Here in the Southern cross the is a rebirth of the spirit after the death and transmutation of the ego.  As opposed to the death energies of the Northern Cross, the Southern cross is vibrant and fertile. Green is the appropriate color here, the color os spring and summer. The color of a dense forest. The color of life. The reborn golden child of Simbi rises from the self and becomes aware of the Self. Here the divinity in all of humanity is brought forth, no longer hidden behind the illusion of the world.  An internal sun, shining with love for all beings.  The world is permeated with divinity and the magician as a God Child can finally see that.  This golden being joins together the serpent of creation and wisdom to form a bridge to the absolute.

Rather then presenting a station by station breakdown fo the Cross as I’ve done in previous installments, I’ll instead  explore the cross as a whole.   From working and evoking the various Crosses I’m of the mind that the Each station of the cross represents a different level of understanding of the energies therein. Beyond the physical element there exist worlds of esoteric elements earth (physical), water (emotional), air (mental), and fire ( Spiritual/Love).  A further cycle of death, transformation, rebirth, and ascendance is present as well.


Initiate: The Initiate represents the death or surrender of the magician to the elemental energies. The Initiate is one who has heard the call of the LOA. In answering the initiate surrenders themselves to the other world energies of the LOA. Through the act of magic the initiate gives purpose to this surrender. Traditionally initiation is the death of the previous person. Who the magician was before has been let go forever changed by the potent energies of initiation. This is distinguished from the later server station as the


Server: The Server is distinguished from the Initiate by the depth of contact with the profound reality of the Loas. The Server surrenders himself to the Great Work, undertaking a deeper level of commitment to the Work. Here we see the Ego slowly separating from the self allowing the magician to encounter the otherworldly energies more directly.

Priest: The Priest continues this increase in divine intimacy with a vow of union to the divine.  The Priest is still reminds in the world but is no longer of the world. Much like the Gyrovague, the protest continues to live in the world, the world is his monastery, but is no longer separated from the Divine.The Priest is an open channel to the divine, offering communication and contact. This is a union of love, divine love. Through this love the Priest labors and prays delighting in the nature of divinity.


Hierophant: The Hierophant represents a state of mastery for the element in question. At the Hierophant level the magian becomes the master of the element and crosses to a point where external and internal are no longer divided. The external IS internal.



Personally I’ve begun to feel a shift in perspective. I’m slowly realizing that my actions and more importantly my thoughts are divine acts. When I find myself mentally drifting to distraction thinking about trivialities or worrying about unnecessary things I’ve begun to walk myself backwards through my thoughts until I arrive at a junction point where the distraction began. Here I try to realign myself with the divine through meditation and prayer.  Through this I try to align myself with the Monastery and the Divine. If the mind is divine then it is a place of manifestation and interaction with the Divine.  This feeling became resoundingly clear while invoking the Southern Cross itself.  It was a feeling beyond words.

Trying to find a way past this block I performed some bibliomancy with Syzygy and ended up reading a footnote to a few pages in the VGW. The Two lessons that were referenced were Waiting On Purusha and Patterns and Processes in Magical Computers. Reading these lessons and working through the various lessons has offered some clarification.   In connection to the IDEAL of Purusha through gnostic daydreaming and prayer I’ve returned to a structured cycle of work and prayer that was so beneficial previously.

I’ve become very high energy like I’m running on a indefinite caffeine high.  I’m wired,  buzzing with energy, and almost painful aware.  Sleep, always in short supply since I started working with the Monastery, has become a rare and beautiful gift. I’m reminded of grad school. Perhaps the spirits are telling me that I  need to cut out the caffeine as in the last two days I’ve spilled my morning coffee. Either way I think its time to offer them a mug as well.


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