Monastery Experiments: Invoking the Western Cross of Light

A recent experiment with the Monastery of the Seven Rays materials:

After working through the Northern Cross of Light, I worked though the stations of the Western Cross. This working was the culmination of a month’s work with the individual Syzygy.   Following the format from the previous experiments I constructed a simple ritual.  Creating a physical Western Cross of Light with the appropriate cards from the Carrefour Tarot, homemade FA cards, and The Guede image from Spirit Windows.

As before I   down in the center of the cross and vibrated the name of the corresponding Syzygy, starting in the North and working my way around to the East. While vibrating the name I visualized the FA. When I got to the center I recited the following prayer:
“Holy Spirits of the Western Cross of Light,
I call to the master of the Western Cross, whose name is Ogou-Fer!
Hail Ogou-Fer, please open the cross of light and bade me enter.”

I then sat in silent meditation using the visual cues of the cards and FA to open a channel

The Western cross: This cross embodies Force. The duality of the western cross is in creation and destruction. Two Loas  represent this duality. Ogou-Fer embodies destruction of the useless and the old, specifically consciousness. He clears away the mental space to allow for divine love of Erzuile to shine forth.

Initiate of the Western Cross: Diving into the waters, transmutation of vulgar desire into spiritual joy.  Facing the storm of internal conflcit. Clearing out the old. Pluto ray. Nigredo. The base state. Fresh start. Digging a well to discover the spiritual waters within.

Here the magician learns to relate to reality.  Having accepted death through work with the Northern Cross, the initiate now must deal with internal and external alchemical changes. Learning to work through these conflicts will require exploration and resolution of emotion and desire. Through this magical effort one can access high forms of consciousness


Servant of the Western Cross: The ocean as a metaphor for consciousness. The waters of magic.  The shadow self. Mastering self. The Waters of magic.
The narrative of conflict continues. Here the Servant must enter into the dark cave of their own unconsciousness. The magician’s goal in swimming the depths of consciousness is to develop a state of alert awareness of their own selves. One must observe everything that goes on internally and master their demons. This will require the force of Ogou-Fer and the love of Erzuile.

Priest of the Western cross: Spiritual armor, knowledge as protection. Alchemical changes.  The passion and force of Ogou-Fer. The love and fire of Eruzile. Finding the light of gnosis in the depths.  Breaking the chains of matter. Wrathful deities, shadows. The shaman’s journey.

The magician, having dove deep into his conscious/unconscious has found his demons and mastered them. While he has not destroyed them, being parts of himself, he has mastered them. The force of Ogou-Fer has given him the strength and the love (gnosis) of Eruzile has girded him in the armor of wisdom.

Hierophant of the Western cross:  The resolution of knowledge and gnosis. Earthly knowledge and divine wisdom co-existing.  Symbols as language and keys. The Fire of water. Illumination, Liberation, the Christ principle. The synthesis of being and existence. Seal of Love between Ogou Fer and Erzulie. Transmutation of gross elements into pure elements.

Here the conflict experienced in the Western Cross is resolved. The magician has traversed his shadow and tamed his demons. The sword Of Ogou-Fer stands a symbol of this victory. Symbols are an important part of this Cross. They are vital in expressing the spatial and temporal laws of being and their relationship with Divine Principle to fundamentally corporeal beings. The use of these symbols is the mechanism for mankind evolution. Here is the last gross element. Beyond the dark waters lie the pure worlds of air and fire.

Post ritual I sat down and felt a soothing calm wash over me. The ordeal was over. Working through the Western Cross was an arduous journey. This month has seen a great deal of internal conflicts. Old ways of thinking were stubborn, despite the cleansing nature of the Pluto Ray , they hung in there. Frankly this has been the most challenging and demanding experiment to date.  Facing and synthesizing what I encountered in the shadow was intense and very intimate. This work also had direct consequences on my mundane life, as at times, I was visibly uncomfortable and agitated by the process.  Somewhere in the post ritual reflection I heard voices of iron and velvet urging me to rise up and take flight.

Furthermore, sleep was a very rare resource. Through out working with the Voudon Gnostic current and the Monastery of the Seven Rays I’ve lacked for sleep on occasion. This process, however, featured insomnia on a different level.  Thankfully it was a productive insomnia as I was able to spend the extra hours in meditation and research. In fact nearly every moment was spent working through the dark waters of this cross. It was an exhausting mental effort.

When I did sleep I frequently dreamed of entities that I had worked with in the past. The Morrigan made frequent appearances in my dreams, bringing with her the vivid death imagery that is her specialty.  Communion and offerings were made and it feels as if our long standing relationship has been restored. However her more negative influences on me are mitigated. I’m less somber and angry.  I feel she represented the force I needed to push down into the depths.

Other dreams featured various trickster spirits appearing in the forms of animals. Coyotes, spiders, serpents, and crows were frequent visitors in dreams and in physical encounters.  I took the time to makes offerings and fetishes to honor their assistance. Much like the Fool I had jumped in over my head and danced dangerously close to the abyss. If it wasn’t for the guidance and protection they offered I fear for what might have occurred.  These breakers of barriers, psychopomps, and liberators were essential reminding this fool that he is a magician.


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